Creative Writing: Eulogy For Mr. Hutchison's Funeral

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In order to honor Mrs. Hutchison lived, we are going to hold a funeral service for her and we ask her husband, Mr. Hutchison to speak about her.
I am so thankful for all the people who showed up today. It is a difficult time for me and all of you as well and I am mindful of that. It had been really hard for me and my children. We have been going through difficult time. It's really hard to begin talking about, Mrs. Hutchison, my love, my wife and my mother of our children. I was so lucky to have a wife like Mrs.Hutchison. She loved me and my children very much. My wife was one of a kind, she always wanted to put a smile on everyone's face. Today she would want everyone to be laughing and smiling not crying and being sad. I want to start off by telling you, from the moment we met in college I loved
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That was 20 years of happiness and sadness that we experiment together and many of you. Years full of stores we lived, I can look back on those years full of enduring memories because it could only have been 5 or 10 years but I was lucky to have had 20 years with her. Tessie and I were blessed with that time. We have so many memories with our children as well, like the day Davy started walking and his first word which was “mama”. We laughed, boy, did we laughed, because to her laughter is the truths indicator we were giving lives. We talked about everything, including this, which we thought was going to be decades from now. But we talked, we talked about the end of our lives, the college that our children will attend, the clothing we would wear, the food that we would cook, the advantageous we were going to take.I stand here strong because of her! I will always miss Tessie's voice, her touch and her smile. Tessie always looked at life like she saw it for the first time, a glitter in her eyes and a smile on her face. We made our lives interesting and worth a story to be told. We loved our children talking about

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