Gerald Stone: A Short Story

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As I sat on the metal folding chair, thinking at any moment the wobbly legs would sink into the earth and drop me on the grass, which of course didn’t happen. While listening to the birds in the nearby trees singing with joy and happiness, it was as if they knew why we were there. The bronze casket glistened in the sun as the pallbearers placed it on the frame over the open grave. Numbness engulfed me the moment, I learned of my husband’s death. A week later, I knew I needed to keep up the appearance of a grieving widow as a tear rolled down my cheek. In my mind, I struggled to recall happier times, so I couldn’t hear the minister’s words proclaiming what a wonderful man Gerald Stone was. Fifteen minutes later, the mortuary attendant said, “This concludes the service for Gerald Stone. The family will be serving lunch at his parent’s home and you’re invited to join them. Here are the directions to their home.” Handing the papers to a young man, he said, “Make sure everybody gets one?”
I worried while deep in thought about what the next few days would bring. Sounding like a parrot I
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Needing to be alone, but knew for appearance sake, that I should attend the luncheon, and stumbled across the freshly cut grass to the waiting limousine.
While going down the street, thinking about the last few days and how amazed our family and friends were by my strength in dealing with Gerald’s sudden death. According to the police, a neighbor shot him during a burglary, but I knew different.
Arriving at my in laws’ home, I volunteered to help with lunch, but several ladies insisted I rest. After lunch, my mother-in-law found me sitting alone in the dark bedroom weeping and comforted me by saying, “We know what you’re going through and understand you loved him so

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