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Creative Writing Elements Recap

Hey there!

I hope you are all doing well! We’ve come to the end of our Creative Writing Elements series. It’s certainly been an adventure and I look forward to our next series. This post is dedicated to reviewing the seven elements we have covered over the past few weeks.

Element One: A Captivating Plot

In this post, we established that a captivating post needs the following elements:
➢ A clear direction for your story
➢ A well-established main character with a compelling, believable motivation
➢ A strategically-created challenge to amp up your character’s circumstances
➢ A nerve-wracking climax that pushes your main character to their absolute limit
➢ A credible resolution that resolves most, if not all, of the problems o Note – If you’re writing a sequel don’t solve everything
➢ A well-defined story outline to guide your novel
➢ Imagination!

Element Two: A Mesmerizing Setting

Creating a viable, intriguing setting requires something writers like to call ‘world-building.’ Establishing a credible world requires a few well-constructed techniques:

➢ You need provide enough general information to fill in your world o Examples: location, climate, people and history
➢ You need to establish a time period for your events o 1920’s New York; 1200 AD; distant planet in the far future
➢ You need to create the physiography o Cities, states, mountains, hills, rivers, animals and plants
➢ You need to establish your non-physical environment

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