Creative Writing About Rafts

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We got into our rafts and started slowly towards the rapid water. I smile as we embark on this new adventure. The cool breeze blew my hair out of my face. The beautiful, bright sun blared onto our backs. The first rapid was rapidly approaching. Our guide, Steve, led us and told us which way to paddle. “Right! Right! Right!”, he yelled. The water splashed into our boat, it was like getting hit with little ice cubes. My hands were gripped tightly around the paddle as we steered clear of the next big wave.
“Good job, that was the easiest one.” I looked over at Ashli and shock flooded our faces. The next set of rapids was coming up, we prepared our paddles. The flowy water turned into a big white bear. The water was the bear, and we were it's honey. It tried to swallow us whole, but we fought back with our paddles “Left!” He directed. “Right!”, we followed his every call. We pulled off to the side and eagerly waited for the other boats to catch up. We watched as the boats pulled
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My eyes get wide. What if that were me? The helpless passengers approach nearly a second after, they got trapped in the white bear’s claws. The people fight against the waves and get to the side. One, Two, Three, Four… I count to see if they all made it. Seven, Eight! They’re all here. I sigh with relief. Blood rushed out of the Grandpa’s nose as the Grandma tried to stop it in it’s tracks. Their guide got them safely back to the mighty yellow bus where they were taken care of. The group decided to end their adventure early, as the other groups, including ours, continued.
We traveled to the next set of waves. White Water Rafting is like a roller coaster without seatbelts. I could feel a pit in my stomach that was bigger that the grand canyon. We headed to the next set, I could see the sharp rocks under the water, waiting to cut me open. “You guys ready?” Steve said. Not really, but I nodded through the

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