Creative Approaches Stem From Creativity Essay

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Creative approaches stem from creativity itself, Wilson (2014) suggests, compared to the previous National curriculum, the current is more open to risk taking and appreciates human creativity. On the contrary to this, an Ofsted report (2010) implies that those schools, which are successful, ensure that creative learning and approaches are used to enhance the curriculum as a medium and not used to substitute it. Consequently, it is important for teachers to embrace creative approaches in and outside the classroom in order to teach for creativity (Craft and Ivone, 2010).

Teachers previously speculated about new school based innovations which referred to cross curricular thematic approaches (Fautley, Hatcher, and Millard, 2010) Although, at the time the curriculum was very subject based which didn’t involve children exploring real life skills and using different learning environments (Thomson, Hall and Jones, 2012). It could be said that, Fogartys (1991), curriculum models have developed from this due to the purpose of encouraging children to make strong connections in what they are learning. One of the models, which is named the webbed model implements a cross curricular approach to teaching and learning. Kim (2014), describes this model as using a theme to integrate subject matter and is therefore equated to a telescope, which offers a clearer view of curriculum integration.

Although, there is a large focus on the core subjects in the National Curriculum (2013), this model…

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