Essay about Creating A Legacy For Future Generations

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It is common to hear individuals with the hopes of starting a company or releasing a new product say that they are taking this step because they want to create a legacy for future generations. However, if everything goes wrong and they are unsuccessful, some pick themselves up and try again, while others end up working for another person and are bitter for the rest of their lives. This can get to a person 's head as the greed and the continual want for what they could have had, forces them to do other things to recover their money whether bad or good. If they put everything on the line and gamble for too long, this may end up backfiring with their whole legacy being destroyed in addition to breaking all the relationships and progress they have made. While not to many of these examples are seen in real life, this is the basis of the plot twisting and actions packed television series called Breaking Bad, where a caring high school teacher turns into one of the biggest drug lords in the country. In the series, Screenwriter Vince Gilligan use of sentiment is able to gain the support of the audience, for the main character Walter White who is seen ‘Going Bad’ hero, even though he is often seen doing horrible things. Primarily, Vince Gilligan initial depiction of Walter White gives off a great deal of sentiment towards the reader about Walter which ultimately makes them support him. From the beginning it is evident to the viewers, that Walter White pretty much has nothing going…

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