CSI Effect Essay

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The “CSI Effect” which is the effect of crime television shows on the verdicts made in court cases or on other aspects of the criminal justice system. The perceived rise in acquittals can also plausibly by explained without any reference either to watching CSI or to view crime drama more generally. Tyler (2006), stated, “With an ever-increasing number of crime television programs in which forensic tests are used to solve a case in the course of a single episode. Many criminal justice officials have begun to worry that the public may believe that forensic evidence is easy to obtain, quick to test, and free of potential flaws” (pp. 1050-1085). In the last sixteen years, the CSI Effect has made court cases a lot harder to win with technology and …show more content…
In the article titled “The CSI effect at university: forensic science students’ television viewing and perceptions of ethical issues one quote was that “Most students believed that the programs gave an unrealistic representation of the profession to the public; yet students were also able to identify positive elements for recruitment and education purposes (pp.381).” In this article, it states how they did some research on the CSI Effect. They held a study which took place in New South Wales, Australia at a large university that last between March to May 2011. Most participants indicated that the depiction of science on television was inaccurate and unrealistic. Wise (2010) concurred, “The CSI Effect, whether real, or imagined, is impacting upon the NSW criminal justice system, and criminal justice systems around the world. Criminal justice practitioners are changing their behavior to accommodate the perception that jurors want scientific evidence” (p.383-399). As this study, has shown, jurors are not influenced particularly by CSI or any of the many other television shows of that genre. It is clear, however, that jurors do significantly expect that prosecutors will use the advantages of modern science and technology to help meet their burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Donald Shelton (2010). Up to now, there has not been a lot of research covered proving that the watching crime television and verdict decisions simulated criminal trials. The majority of the studies have not revealed an effect of mock jurors. Heinrick (2006) and Lawson(2009) quoted, “Specifically, the CSI effect hypothesizes that, as a result of unrealistic depictions of forensic evidence on crime television shows (such as CSI), jurors may be overly influenced by forensic evidence in the courtroom, leading to two distinct possibilities: 1) when no forensic evidence is present, jurors will acquit, and

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