Creating A Better Country : The United States And Mexican Border

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Lizette Resendiz
Composition 10
Jose Bolivar
June 9th, 2016 Create a better Country
Are you grateful to be an American citizen? Are you grateful for the opportunities you have? If you are not there is others that wish to be in your position.
Immigration between the United States and mexican border is very common. The Secure Fence Act in 2006 was made for maximum security so Mexicans won 't trespass to the United States. Immigration is a person’s desire of new experiences, a better economic place, and a safe environment.
The United states is full of new experiences in an everyday life. There is a different variety of cultures. People from different countries like Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, China, and South America. If the United States keeps the border between Mexico we will lose culture between them. Also the hispanic citizens of the united states have a down fault in it as well. Mexicans want to experience the same things we go through, the fun adventures. “Mexican Americans have excelled in all areas of the arts, including visual arts, the theater, music, literature, and dance. Today, writers such as as Sandra Cisneros and Pat Mora and artists such as Rafael López continue to explore the creative legacy of a cultural heritage that crosses borders”, this primary source came from teaching primary sources. This evidence shows that Mexicans in the us have formed a successful reputation for them. Not many United States Citizens are famous people for…

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