John Calvin's Covenant Theology

John Calvin came up with covenant theology to cover the over all flow of the bible. The first time Covenant Theology was really used was in the 16th and 17th centuries by Ursinus, Olevianus and Cocceius. This theology was used mainly by the Reformed Churches and was it 's predominant theology around the 17th and 19th centuries. Covenant Theology is a system of theology that views God 's dealings with man in respect of covenants rather than dispensations (periods of time). It represents the whole of Scripture as covenantal in structure and theme. Theologians divided the history up into two periods. Starting off we learn about the covenant of works and how it began when God created Adam. Through Adam the human population grew and through all of this God …show more content…
A person had two options, one was watch what you done and the second one is that you died. But now we live under grace which offers us forgiveness of sins when we mess up. What we are worthy of death for Christ changed that. Though we do live under grace I believe that Jesus gives us a freewill in choice to serve him or not. A person is capable of falling back into their old ways when there not obedient to God and faithful to his house. In Ketcherside chapter 7 it mentions that the law wasn 't weak but it was the flesh that was weak. I can agree with that because we are constantly battling the flesh to keep it under subject. One thing that we have that the old covenant didn 't is the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us. He gives us the strength to overcome such battles. The Holy Spirit would come and go in the old testament. I really like chapter nine because he writes about us having freedom in Christ and I personally know how true is that. In the law there sin offerings was temporal but when Christ came he brought freedom to everybody. Through the blood of Christ all of the sins are forgotten and never more to be brought up. Ketcherside made some great points in some of his book when it came to the Mosaic

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