Break Up In Relationships Research Paper

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How long a relationship can last between a couple? A relationship that can last until our old ages is the dream of every couple nowadays. In every relationship, it will have their own ups and downs. Sometimes, the difficulties will lead to the every couple most terrible nightmare, which is break up. Couples break up because of three main reasons. It is due to the personality of their partner, the commitment of their partner and the external factors that makes their relationship end.
Personality refers to individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving (adapted from Encyclopedia of Psychology). It is better to have a partner with slightly different personality from yours.
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“A relationship requires a lot of work and commitment towards it” (Scacchi, 2016). Unfortunately, youngster or people nowadays are too busy with other commitments. It is normal for a person to have more than one commitment to be focused at. As an example, a university student will study, participate in co-curiculum and play sports in the same semester. But, in a relationship, they demand for extra attention from their partner. If their partner fail to fulfill it or did not put them as priority, it can cause they feel not appreciated as they should be. “Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes but no plans to keep it untill our old ages” (Drucker, 2016). If you really want to have a good relationship, put you commitments according to the correct priority so that you can manage all of it properly. We can conclude that having multiple commitment is not good for a …show more content…
Example of external forces is financial problem, family member disaproval and social life of you and your partner. Firstly, about your financial problem, lack of money will make your partner think that you are unable to take care of them in the future. Second, family member disapproval is such a rare case. It happen when one of your family member cannot accept your partner in the family. Lastly, you and your partner’s social life. As a youngster, you will try to make as many friends as possible. It is because you are going to seek for help from your friends if you have a trouble that you and your partner could not solve. That is why you need your friend even though you are already in a relationship. “A friend is the one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out from you” (Winchell, 2016). But, if you are too close your friend especially friends which is opposite gender from you, it will make your partner to become jealous. Thus, it will cause trust isssues to rise. We can conclude that external factors also a part of the reason why couple nowadays break up.
In short, there is a lot more reasons that can cause a couple to break up. But, those 3 main reasons that i had stated, which is personality of your partner, the commitment of your partner and the external factors, is the most obvious reason that i can observe. To reverse this trend, you must have a good personality,

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