Essay about Countries With More Restrictive Gun Control Laws

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Countries with more restrictive gun control laws than the United States have less gun related suicide and homicide rates. This broad accusation is arduous to corroborate; yet numerous countries such as Mexico have extremely strict gun control laws, yet much more gun related deaths proportionally. To say that most of these guns come illegally from the United States is false. According a Denver University, Sturm college of Law professor who states “Rubén Aguilar, who served as the Press Secretary for the President of Mexico from 2000 to 2006, estimate that 18% of Mexican crime guns can be conclusively determined to have come from the United States” (Kopel, David). And the overall lack of noncurrent policing encourages gun ownership for protection, which ultimately lead to more crime which spills over to the United States. Although the United States has a great police force collectively, with changing the dynamic of gun regulation by implementing more control may not lead to any substantial reductions in gun related violence, since so many people already own guns, so while strict background checks definitely will prevent unfit legal gun ownership, it will not prevent unfit individuals from accessing guns. In addition, to effectively reduce gun related violence, it is necessary to produce guns in the country as this ensures proper control of the firearms sold, and diminishes the possibility for incentive imports of guns. Furthermore, properly educating gun owners is necessary…

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