Counselling Session Reflective Essay

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Counselling a stranger can be difficult, counselling a friend is fraught with difficulties. I found this practice session particularly challenging as I asked a very old friend to play the part of the client. I understand as a result of this session why being a therapist for family and close friends is not advised. Even though I was playing the role of the counsellor, my inner self was in a constant tug-of-war between being a friend and keeping a professional step back as required by a counsellor. The session took place in the home of the client. Her two-year-old daughter was in attendance. This made the session difficult as we were interrupted throughout. There are times in the taping of the session that required us to stop the filming as …show more content…
This session had it been a real session as opposed to a practice session would have compromised this code. In this session I believe rapport was evident however I cannot effectively judge whether the initial rapport was not aided by our friendship. This might further impacts on empathy. Empathetic listening and feedback allow freedom from judgement, thereby enabling the client to open up. DeVito (2009) tells us that a respectful, empathetic, genuine and caring mindset are lost if the client cannot see that reflected in their counsellors external behaviours. In matching Janet’s posture, language and tone, I reflected back to Janet her external behaviours. When I commented to Janet “and because you know that at the base of it’s not you it’s him” I put into my words her thoughts regarding his behaviour. Janet’s response of “well that’s the thing, I don’t let it affect me anymore…” allowed her to then explore why her reactions to her ex-husband had changed. I found this skill of counselling particularly difficult in this session due to our friendship. In my introduction I alluded to an internal battle, this was at the core of my internal battle. As a friend who has also gone through a separation and divorce as well as being a mum who deals

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