Reflection In Therapeutic Communication

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Everyone encounters moments in life that can be challenging to manage. Many use adaptive or maladaptive coping mechanisms to handle the situation at hand. Although it is best when the person copes by using problem-solving techniques or an adaptive mechanism, using maladaptive ways is a concern. Moreover, this reflection depicts Mr. Ed 's story, a patient who has diabetes, on how he began to contemplate the changes needed in his lifestyle by experiencing motivational interviewing (MI). MI is the art of coaching a client to make changes using therapeutic communication (Dart, 2011). This paper will reveal the manner in which Mr. Ed moved from pre-contemplation to the contemplation stage of change to better control his recent diagnosis of type …show more content…
Ed arrives at the meeting. The interview begins with an introduction and a purpose for the meeting. The purpose, as previously stated, was not only to understand Mr. Ed as a patient recently diagnosed with type 2 DM but also as a whole person. For this reason, Mr. Ed is asked questions phrased to enhance his openness: Mr. Ed what do you think are the reasons that contributed to the development of DM? As Mr. Ed begins to depict his situation, the writer listens to him attentively, without interrupting, with the purpose of evaluating Mr. Ed 's knowledge about the causes of the situation and his readiness to change (Shinitzky & Kub, 2001). Furthermore, Mr. Ed continues to speak about how difficult it is to not eat late at night, having access to healthy meals, and above all, the most difficult thing for him is not eating foods high in fats when under stress. Additionally, Mr. Ed has moved in with his son due to the loss of his job and difficulty finding a new one. Moreover, Mr. Ed explains that he cannot afford the medications that he believes he will need to control his DM. This opportunity provides room for explaining to the client that the first approach towards managing type 2 DM is to have a balanced diet and to increase physical activity. Mr. Ed expresses feelings of relief when he learns about this

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