Counseling Session Reflection

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Having carried out a number of counseling sessions in the course of this class, by now I was feeling confident and prepared than I was in my first counseling session. I could feel even before the session began, that the experience and skills I have attained so far were crucial for my session. The purpose of my second counseling session was to dig deeper into the problems that my client came in for. I have decided to use the same client that I used for my first counseling session, Ted, who was referred to me by his brother. His brother felt that Ted would be the best candidate for this exercise. Ted is a 22-years old Caucasian male who is currently attending a Liberal Arts school. He came to me with concerns in regard to the whole transitioning aspect of High school to College. According to Ted, High school was more tests based oppose …show more content…
I enjoyed conducting both my first and second counseling sessions because it provided me with an overview of how much growth I have seen since my first counseling session. Not only have I seen growth within myself, but my professor and classmates have also noticed this growth since the last session. I was able to observe how these counseling skills come hand in hand in an individual counseling session, let it be group counseling session as well. These counseling sessions that I have been conducting has provided me with hands-on experience on how to be a greater leader and/or counselor and make a positive difference in people’s lives. As a counselor, my goal and aspiration will always be to enhance my client’s capability to better themselves and grow as human beings. Furthermore, it was such a successful session and I’m looking forward to my third counseling session with my client. Indeed, practice makes

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