Cost Of Building An Online Evaluation System For Athens Farmers Market

1077 Words Nov 15th, 2016 5 Pages
The first criteria is cost for those three solutions. Cost is the basic requirement to evaluate the recommendation is affordable or unaffordable. As previously discussion, the Athens Farmers market is an agricultural organization. Actually, the Athens Farmers market fund is not enough to afford expensive solution because it is not a business company. In this case, the solution that be chose should be affordable for the Athens Farmers market. For the first solution, the cost of building an online evaluation system is cheapest solution in those three solutions. Owing to the Athens farmers market already had their own website to post information, they only need to add an evaluation system and every vendor’s information on their website. The Athens farmers market can find a computer science major student in the Ohio University, and they can easily make the system successfully operate. For the second solution, the way that the Athens Farmer market create membership is also low cost solution. The Athens Farmers market already has enough resources that the creating membership needed. Moreover, although this solution needs fund to support at start but it is an affordable solution for the Athens Farmers market. In other words, the last solution is an expensive way to improve the customer services because training vendors is hardly to operate successfully. As we all know, all vendors need to take care of their crop and land every day. The time of transportation and training is big…

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