Cost Management Internship Report Example

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I am working as a Cost Management intern at Davaco, Inc. The primary task areas of my internship are Estimating, Cost Controls and Project administration and management. My responsibilities include but are not limited to: take-offs, logistics tracking, day-to-day communication with client representative and subcontractors, bid meetings, bid openings and overseeing the project with a Project Manager.
Activities and Experiences
The different activities performed in the three task areas are as follows:
1. Estimating:
The majority part of working as a cost management intern involves estimating. During the first two weeks, I was instructed to shadow the estimators. I was exposed to take offs and reviewing plans
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My interaction with the director helped me observe his leadership and management skills and understood how a team is leaded. For example, he was on vacation for a week in between and the work done was reduced and things were postponed till he came back because they required his presence. That helped me understand that for a team to function effectively, it needs to have a responsible and successful leader. And my interaction with the others helped me understand the importance of coordination and management in doing a project. The project coordinators, estimators and project manager work together to make sure a project is bid and executed efficiently. Any coordination problem between the three could lead to delay and loss in the project. In addition to all these lessons, I also attained good experience in this internship. For example, previously interacting with people was not easy for me. But during this internship I had to interact with professionals of different levels on a daily basis and slowly I developed good interpersonal relationship skills by learning from my colleagues. Another example was, once when I was speaking to a subcontractor regarding a project he replied very harshly to me which disturbed me. However my coordinator explained to me that not everyone behaves professionally and we should be ready to adapt to such circumstances. Such experiences helped me learn how to adapt and react in unfavorable

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