Essay about Corporate Social Responsibility Of Quality Management System

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Frolova, I., & Lapina, I. (2014). Corporate social responsibility in the framework of quality management. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 156, 178 – 182. doi: 10.1016/j.sbspro.2014.11.166
The authors of this study were aimed to promote staff member’s satisfaction, maximise their loyalty level towards organisation and decrease rotation problem by taking corporate social responsibility strategy in action within organisation quality management system. The Ishikawa diagram method was applied to attend high level of employee rotation problem and Quality house method was also utilised for investigating the optimum strategy for problem solving.
This research begins by providing an introduction of the CSR concept in relation to quality management system and why CSR is needed for an organisation and society. CSR is not only relevantly new, but also constantly developing concept that possibly cut down organisation costs, increase commitments which could boost up the employee’s loyalty level and maximise the quality of performance as part of quality management system that would be the foundation of organisation’s sustainable development guideline in for the long haul plan. Furthermore, in order to achieve organisational excellence, it is essential to maintaining quality in process management and acknowledging the demands of an interested party, distributing the useful input to society.
The nurses are dealing with confidential information, legal rights, privacy protection,…

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