Corporal Punishment Should Be Illegal Essay

1571 Words Nov 30th, 2014 null Page
What is the best way to discipline a child? Does timeouts and stern talking really get the point across when teaching a child a lesson? Does certain situations call for more brute force such as spanking or a squeeze on the arm? According to the book of Pediatrics “Spanking has been associated with higher rates of physical aggression, more substance abuse, and increased risk of crime and violence when used with older children and adolescents” (723). In other words, spanking children can lead them into a spree of criminality while high on drugs, who will have a temper problem later in life. Of course that is the extreme side of things and not everyone who spanks results in having a delinquent for a kid. However, some people feel very strongly about the anti spanking movement and feel corporal punishment should be illegal in the U.S. A man named George Holden in 2011 with the accompaniment of others, started the anti spanking movement to make corporal punishment illegal nationwide. According to the article “All but two states have outlawed spanking in day-care centers and fewer than 20 still allow kids to be paddled in schools” (Hendrix). This was a great accomplishment for the organization, but it still leaves them wanting more. They wish to push this issue to Congress where they hope corporate punishment will officially be banned in all fifty states. There are many articles entailing the reasoning behind why children shouldn’t be spanked. A large part of the argument is how…

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