Coral Reefs Of Matira Beach Essay

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Beaches are often associated with calm, relaxing, and enjoyable memories. They are popular vacation destinations, and travelers look for beaches with the most to offer for their visitors. Every year, websites such as Trip Advisor, National Geographic, and Travel and Leisure publish the highest ranked beaches in the world based on a few different criteria. The criteria include dining, outdoor activities, accessibility, and landscape. The beaches on the list range greatly, with some known for their seclusion and mountainous landscapes and others for their hotels and resorts. The beaches that were ranked highest on the various websites were Playa de Ses Illetes, Rabbit Beach, Navagio Beach, Honopu Beach, Anse Lazio, and Matira Point. From the mesmerizingly blue waters of Navagio Beach to the coral reefs of Matira Beach, the world’s greatest beaches offer outstanding dining, incredible landscape, and exciting activities for all to enjoy.
The first beach that is often voted the best beach in the world is located in Formentera, Spain, on the Mediterranean Sea. It is called Playa de Ses Illetes or just Ses Illetes, and it is famously known for its powdery light pink colored sand. The water is warm with a light blue hue. Ses Illetes is a very popular vacationing spot because there are “comprehensive public facilities and services, as well as access to a range of beach amenities and activities”(“Ses”). Countless resorts and hotels are located right on the beach. Snorkeling, swimming,…

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