Contrasted By Jean Piaget And Vygotsky's Cognitive Development

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The theories of children’s cognitive development are demonstrated by Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky. Piaget’s theory points out that there are four stages in children’s cognitive development and each stage has a particular age group. As the transitions between stages are processed, changes in cognitive skills will appear. Meanwhile, Vygotsky suggests the cognitive development of children is by working together and learning from other people. He emphasizes the importance of socio-cultural impacts on children’s cognitive development. This essay will explore both Piaget and Vygotsky’s theories and theirs impacts on children’s education in scenario B.

Piaget’s four major stages for different ages are: sensorimotor stage (0-2years), preoperational
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In education, it can be defined as according to students’ need, provide them the support; and when students’ abilities are increasing till a particular level, retrieve the support (Slavin, 2000, p.36). Scaffolding is focusing on the topic, and on the basis of ZPD’s rule, resolve the complicate problems built up a conceptual frame. Then, guide students into the problem, let students explore the problems and doing team work. Final step is to estimate students’ effects. In the scenario, Robert’s teacher did scaffolding. He resolves the complicate problem into “soccer” and asks the class to study score, track records. He also gets Robert doing group work with peers. In Vygotsky’s theory, Robert will improve his math ability under the scaffolding.

Same with Piaget, some ideas in Vygotsky’s theory are challengeable. For the terminology ZPD, what size is the zone, large or small? If there are only two people, student and the teacher, can they build up the ZPD? And the other one is the quality of interaction with teachers/peers. Will all of teachers/peers in this zone be high qualified? If there are low qualified peers/teachers, will ZPD still be effective? There’s no doubt that in this scenario, if the teacher and peers are low qualified, Robert will not get any help with ZPD or

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