Social Interaction Essay

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Explain why it is important for a helping professional to be aware of the coaction of genes and environment. Be sure to include a definition of coaction, with examples. Coaction is any connection between organisms within a community. Gottlieb gave premium to coaction; he said that epigenesis involves the emergence of functional as well as hereditary competencies and properties. To me an example of coactions is a pregnant woman, the women need to eat healthy to provide food to the baby and she has to protect the baby from any harm. It is important for a helping professional to be aware that both heredity and environment influence human development. We should not focus our attention in one of them instead we should focus on both. Self-understanding is important. Efficacy relies on working theory in guiding delivery of services to clients. Engaging in some activities that facilitates personal insight assists in making better - helping professionals (Broderick & Blewitt, 2006). In addition, helping professionals in ministry, medicine, social work, coaching, nursing, psychological counseling and psychotherapy should understand G-E coactions in nurturing growth and …show more content…
Vygotsky believed that social interactions are vital in order for children to learn new information. Vygotsky went ahead and created a concept called scaffolding; this is whereby teachers assist learners by encouraging them with questions and ideas that are within the learners ' zone of proximal development. He (Vygotsky) deeply stressed on the impact of environment on a child 's cognitive development. That development precedes learning. To Vygotsky, language depends upon thought processes. But to Piaget, language depends upon development. To Vygotsky, the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) determines cognitive development potential. ZPD occurs when children participate in social

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