Continuing Academic Success Essay

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Continuing Academic Success
Jason Owens
December 4, 2014
Brandon Henry

Continuing Academic Success
Continuing academic success can be achieved through creating goals, knowing your personal learning style and how the writing process can help you, and also by knowing which resources can be used to help you reach your goals.
There are a few types of goal setting that can help you to be successful during you academic career. One of these is short term goals, which can be described as something that you would like to accomplish in the very near future i.e.: a day, a week or even a month or two. A few examples in my case are showing up to school on time with my homework turned in or planning what I might want to do on the
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By understanding this process you can proficiently organize your ideas and outlooks to best illustrate the point you are trying to get across. Critical thinking also plays a big role in being successful. The ability to think this way helps you to fully understand the situations you are in and the best solutions to achieve success. For me something areas I need to improve in are the perception and the analysis areas and by taking the steps to improve these areas I will have a much better grasp on thinking critically.
Luckily for me, being a University of Phoenix student there are ample amounts of resources, both through the school and from outside sources, available at the click of a button. Some of which include the university library where I can pull information for a large section of topics for any project or assignment I may be working on. There are also a lot of tools to help when it comes to courses I may take such as The Center for Writing and Math Excellence. These can help get me to that college level where I may not be due to being away from the school atmosphere for so long. Other resources that are available could be the ability to talk to faculty and other students that can help solve problems I may not understand and also makes me available if they need my help. While the Phoenix website has tons of resources there still may be times when I may not be able to find what I need and have to result to outside resources. Some

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