Continuing Academic Success Essay

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Continuing Academic Success
When looking at continuing academic success one must make several critical decisions; chose if continuing going to school is the right choice for them. Most of the time when people come to that decision, they come to realize several things. That it is important to continue academic success because it helps you set goals for your academic success, helps you strengthen your learning style, and there are so many sources out there to help you succeed. When one makes that first step in continuing their academic success; it becomes clearer and clearer how important it is to further yourself in academic success. One can benefit so much from going back to school or even just continuing any academic journey.
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Take mine, for instance, my educational goal is to have my Masters in two more years and be at a higher position in my job by that time. I am making little goals to reach my educational goal and my career goal as well. Since I took a step to continue academic success, I have realized how much the writing process has helped me with my goals as well. Just like goals you when you have to write out your little goals to reach your main goal, in writing you have to come up with body paragraphs to back your main idea. Also, since I have continued my education I have learned to use all of my learning styles. Knowing what learning style you are is a big help in continuing your education. "With learning, adults need more focus on the entire process rather than teaching on specific," (Katie, 2010, para 2). There are many different ways people learn; however there is three main ones. The first one is visual, and that is people learn by visually interacting with the task at hand; such as a lecture on power point. The second learning style is auditory, and that one is they learn better through hearing what task is at hand. The last learning style is kinesthetic, and that is a person that learns better by being hands on with the project they are working. So one of the things that you will need to know when continuing your education or you just want to further your career is your learning style. If you better understand your learning style, you

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