Bill And Maria Case Analysis Essay

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Case Analysis 2
Question 1-Contextual Factors In my newly appointed role as Regional Director I must be ever mindful of the internal and external environments that I am operating within. Knowing how past exposures and experiences contextually frame, modify, and at times constrain my understandings and points of view. Validating how pretexts associated with the organization’s hierarchic and inner-relations, put me at an advantage and disadvantage all the same. With this wisdom, I am better equipped to alleviate potential conflicts and/or injustices. Yet, armed with preconceived realities I may incur interference, or have own abilities and judgements work to my disadvantage when interacting with certain staff members. While it may
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As I read through Bill and Maria’s skill sets and deficiencies I find both are capable of leadership roles. Yet, I feel each have deficiencies that could benefit from idealized influence, inspired motivation, intellectual stimulation, individual considerations and support associated with the transformational leadership approach.
I see from Bill’s level of commitment to the organization, respectful interactions and diligence towards goals and outcomes, he becomes an ideal; representative of transactional leadership and candidate for the position. However, his rigidity towards deadlines and sensed intimidation inspires hesitation from within. Given this predicament, as his immediate supervisor, I feel the employment of tactics from the transformational approach will help to empower Bill. Inciting him to use personalized influence to not only emphasize trust, but, to foster taking established risks. Which then promotes Bill’s followers to see the importance of commitment and ethical behaviors, in turn creating a leader who is admired, respected and trusted by said

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