Content Preparation And Preparation For Praxis II Content Essay

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The middle level program and the faculty in the content departments across other colleges consistently discuss content preparation and course offerings to assess the appropriateness of the content course offerings relative to content preparation for Praxis II content exams and what is required content background for 6-8 instruction. Upon review of provided data and assessments and the primary need for improvement within the program we provide following summaries of concerns, changes, and improvements for the program.
Assessment 1 results and frequency of some candidates ' need to retake the exams, a closer analysis of the depth, breadth, and alignment of the required program content preparation courses with the required knowledge assessed on the Praxis II and the state 's specific content standards for teaching in the middle schools Within the analysis, the program sought feedback from pedagogical and content faculty relative to the required content preparation courses. Based on the analysis some courses were changed, realigned, and/or sequenced to better meet the need for candidates ' content knowledge attainment, state standards requirements for teaching the content, and in preparation for licensure examinations as well as to enhance the depth and breadth of content knowledge necessary to increase candidates ' success on these licensing examinations as well as to prepare knowledgeable and effective middle school teachers. The college has created a Praxis II assistance…

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