Essay about Contemporary Compensation And Benefits Practices

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Appelbaum, S. & Fewster, B. (2003). Global aviation human resource management: Contemporary compensation and benefits practices. Management Research News, 26(7), p 59-71 This research paper focused on contemporary compensation and benefit practices within the commercial airline industry. While the fictional company that will used for my portfolio paper is not in the airline industry, the nuclear and airline industry does have some similarities, such as traditional, top-down, highly divisional zed business model. Information from this research paper will be included in the compensation portion of the portfolio, including information on monetary and non-monetary compensation options.
Bechet, T. (2000). Developing staffing strategies that work: Implementing pragmatic, nontraditional approaches. Public Personnel Management, 29(4), 465-477
Bechet discusses in the paper what strategic workforce planning is and the purpose of the exercise. However, Bechet believes that that many companies should move away for the typical strategic workforce planning process and instead use modern approaches to make the outcome more meaningful and relevant for the company. Overall, the writer good reasons why the existing process should be updated and what different approaches companies could consider implementing. For example, typically strategic workforce planning focuses on all positions within the company. A better approach would be to focus on the jobs where a proactive staff…

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