Consumer Decision Process: Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, And Slim-Fast

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Steps in the Consumer Decision Process
The three famous diet programs are the Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and Slim-Fast. If I am going to go on a diet, I will search these three programs carefully and will choose which one is the most suitable for me. The first step is need recognition. Marketers may persuade by putting more advertisements. Because I am a woman, if I see an advertisement about a very fat girl going on a diet, and successfully transform into a gorgeous lady, I will be surprisingly persuaded and will try to look more into the diet program. Then the next step is I will search for more information. The first thing that I will do is I am going to search more information in the Internet. If the information is still not enough,
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Each of them has its own benefits and costs. In the case of Weight Watchers, the company provides purchasable dinner, snacks, and desserts. Also, customers are taught on how to control food portion and allowed to select their own foods. However, the customers must pay for the membership and the food. Time is also wasted because it is said that the most successful member is to attend the group sessions and meetings. In the case of Jenny Craig, the company has prepared special food for their customers, such as meals and snacks, including fruits and vegetables. Jenny Craig also provides portion control and reduces meal preparation time. Furthermore, the customers can have a private counseling to manage an exercise program. Nevertheless, in exchange of the nutritious food, the customers must pay for the membership and the prepared meals. Last but not least, in the case of Slim-Fast, it teaches customers on how to sufficiently take enough carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. Nonetheless, Slim-Fast does not provide counseling and sometimes customers are confused about the program. It does not provide food examples too; therefore, it may make customers have a hard time searching for the right food to eat to maintain steady glucose …show more content…
Even though consumers consume healthy food; but the intakes are not balance, it is also bad for their body. Therefore, the adequate intakes will be the highest weight out of all the four other weights. Second, food options are important too. If the consumers eat the wrong food, they will be easily gain weight and will be less motivated to go on diet. Eating the right food is very important to consumers who are food lovers. Third, counseling is needed for consumers who do not know on where to start their diet program. They do not know about anything; hence, a counselor is there for them. Consumers may rely as much as they want on counselor; however, these days most consumers just look up in the Internet on how to start on diet and what healthy food to eat. They do not rely on counselor these days, as it is also a waste of money to spend. Last but not least, encouragement is just a word. It may change people the way they think, but it is hard. It receives a value of 0.1 because consumers will rarely ever consider receiving encouragement to be their way to join the diet program. Compensatory model is when a consumer exchanges one factor to another, which is the good factor compensates for the bad factor. An implication that a marketer will have is the challenge on explaining to motivated consumers on how the products will fulfill their

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