Weight Watcher Argument Essay

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Society is getting out of hand with creating this picture perfect image and something should definitely be done to shift everyone’s perception of beauty. Although Orbach promotes rebellion against society, being overweight is not the solution to this madness. Being overweight is just as unhealthy as being underweight. Instead there needs to be this happy healthy medium. Programs like the Weight Watchers do nothing but support society’s concept of beauty. They promote dieting when in fact we should be focusing on obtaining a healthy lifestyle. That’s where the “Foodist” approach falls into this equation because they promote a healthy lifestyle and women should rebel against society with being healthy. The flaws of Weight Watchers affect the …show more content…
Woman who are overweight want to have good looks based on the message of the media to diet and lose weight rather than focusing on their health. The idea of dieting is what many overweight women turn to because they think this method will improve their health. Some common reasons for dieting would be for their family, increased confidence, and relationships. For example, they utilize diet programs such as Weight Watchers to achieve a smaller figure so they can change their appearance into the unrealistic images that the media promotes. According to Lisa, current Weight Watchers member, “Before joining Weight Watchers I was always dieting. I wasn’t living my life. But I have a family and I have a daughter that I didn’t want to watch grow up. I want to be active in her life. The best part about losing the weight is knowing that I 'm an active part of my daughter’s life. I’m not sitting there watching on the sidelines”. It’s very motivating to see that before she joined the program she set a goal based on her desire to spend time with her daughter. That goal will keep her focus in order to be successful and stay committed to her diet plan. In addition, Weight Watchers help overweight women to take responsibility for what they’re eating by telling them what foods to consume during their restrictive diet (Lisa). This is the type of advice Weight Watchers considers to be healthy. Lisa’s story is inspirational, but there are also other alternatives to a healthier lifestyle without dying also known as dieting.
Besides Weight Watchers, there is a healthier route called the “Foodist” path and the main focus of this program is to help women reach a healthy lifestyle without dieting. This path can benefit any size women to improve their health. It provides information about eating healthier meals rather than strict weight management. The creator of the “Foodist” path is Darya Rose. This is her mission

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