Consumer Behavior Towards Ariel and Surf Excel Essay

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Introduction of FMCG Industry
The FMCG sector which has been the foundation of the Indian Economy, started to take its shape only during the last fifty odd years. The sector touches each facet of human life providing consumers non-durable goods required for daily or regular use. So, it easier said than done to describe an industry whose range is so huge. The FMCG sector consists mainly of sub segments like personal care, oral care and household products. HUL, P&G, Britannia are the major Indian consumer product companies which have very strong presence through their strong brands. The wide distribution network, diversified portfolios and scale economies of these companies deter new players from entering into the market. Therefore,
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The total customer benefit and cost plays very important role in order to create the brand loyalty especially in such low involvement products. So it can be broadly categorized into the following:
Economic benefit: Surf Excel was first brand to be introduced in Indian market than Ariel. The price offered by the both competing brand is genuine in nature. A Price of Surf Excel 20 gram sachets costs Rs. 1.50 where as price of Ariel in 20 gram sachets costs Rs. 2.
Psychological benefit: Surf Excel has psychological advantage over Ariel and has become a generic name for detergent category creating association in mind of its customer. Surf Excel advertisement campaign such as “Daag donthe rah jaoge (1990)”, “Jaise Bhi Daag ho, Surf Excel hai na (1996)”, Daag Acche Hai Na (2005)” have slogan Daag with continuity which makes consumers remember and recognize it.
Functional benefit: Both the detergent concentrates on stain removal and top cleaning which reduces the time and effort taken to wash the clothes. Packaging of Surf Excel and Ariel is very attractive. In surf excel the consumers can use less quantity of detergents when compared to Ariel which consumes more detergents.

Comparison of Total Customer Benefit Available to Surf Excel and Ariel Surf Excel * Customers believe that dirt is a valuable way to improve their lives. * It

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