Conservative Views On Social And Foreign Policy Essay

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I believe my personal ideology is overall moderately conservative. My parents are very conservative, more so than myself. They agree with a lot more conservative policies than I can say I do, but I agree with a large amount. I tend to agree with economic, most social, and foreign policy issues. Although I do stray from conservative ideals sometimes in the social and foreign policy issues, I agree with most. The reason I consider myself more moderate is because of the fact that I do disagree with some things conservative believe in, and because I in no way consider myself an extremist. I like to look at both liberal and conservative ideas and decide for myself which I feel is better or makes more sense. It is important to me to be open minded when it comes to politics and to not just side with one idea just because your “group” or “parents” or whoever it may be does.
On an economic level, I consider myself fairly conservative. I agree with conservative ideas on economic policy: Low taxes, less government regulation, government spending, etc. Lower taxes is something that I especially agree with. Of course I understand why taxes are necessary and why the Country could not function without them, but I do feel that the tax system as is currently, is a little corrupt and favors the lower class America. I’m not exactly sure which solution to this I am for, but I do believe there should be some type of change.
Social issues is where I may stray a little bit from my conservative…

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