My Ideology Of Romanticism

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It is often hard to paint yourself as one color when in fact you feel that you are made up multiple different shades. Trying to figure out what ideology I subscribe to most follows this example, as there are many different ideologies I mix with on a daily basis. For example, I am mainly Puritanical when making up my schedule and following it as if my life depended on going to each event at the exact moment and time that was written down. Another example would be my shopping habits, which basically entail the ideology of consumerism with me constantly on the hunt to own and collect what I consider to be valuable items to the point of near obsession. The list of examples goes on, but hopefully, it is evident that not one ideology on its own can …show more content…
While I did state in the beginning that I do force myself to follow a schedule, it is not an uncommon occurrence for me to drop what I am doing to go attend another issue. Simply, I choose what I value as important whether that would be to choose to help a friend over going to class, giving up my lunch time to go help out clubs I am involved in or staying up all night to play a brand new video game I received in the mail that day. It’s not uncommon to see many blank spots in my planner, and I find the times that are marked with nothing to be the most enjoyable. Romantics do not like to be restricted, rather they’re free spirits who enjoy doing what they want when they want. My duties and obligations are all of my own choosing, not of societal norms or of any outside influence. Even though I am currently a Political Science and Communication major, I may very well decide tomorrow to pursue Music as my major. Even though to most people it sounds insane to say that I will be staying in college until I feel satisfied with what I want to do in my life, whether that would be one or even five years, I find that it makes perfect

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