Differences Between Canada's Conservatives And Liberals

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Are there significant ideological differences between Canada’s Conservatives and Liberals? Compare the two parties in terms of basic principles of their programs.

Differences Between Canada’s Conservatives and Liberals The explanation for what it means to be liberal or conservative comes down to the ideological differences between them. Each party holds a standard to their basic principles and these lists are the primary ideological differences between Canada’s Conservative and Liberal parties. The focal differences amongst each party fall upon their views of society and its importance to the state, versus what the states significance to society is. To be Conservative is to maintain a center to right-wing view. Their economic opinions are
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It is an ideology based on the belief that society is an organic and collective whole. Conservatives focus their support not on each individual, but on the idea of having all the citizens of the state come together. They believe that the best form of society is hierarchical- a society in which everyone knows their place, where some rule and the rest are ruled (Brodie, 2014). Conservatives would describe themselves as part of a party that favors low taxes, a less intrusive government, a strong regime of law-and-order, and as having a strong respect for traditional values on matters involving sex, gender, family, and human life (The Canada Guide, 2017). Law-and-order helps structure the economy by providing predictability. It is harder to engage in trading or selling for profit if the product is subject to being stolen (Crashcourse, 2016). Conservatives believe that knowing there is a punishment at hand prevents people from doing something that will get them punished. Conservatives hold their list of basic principles with high importance, in comparison to the Liberal party their list is much longer. Within their list of principles for their programs, they focus on the responsibility of society for the government. Whereas the Liberals role is reversed, being more dependent on the government. The Conservative party focuses on accountability, and responsibilities. Their goal is building a national coalition of people who share the same beliefs, they look to embrace differences and respect traditions however continue to honour a concept of Canada as the greater sum. Loyalty, equality of Canadians, worship, assembly, the federal system of government, and constitutional monarchy are strongly supported. (St. Catharines Conservative, 2017) The idea of responsibility is mentioned several times

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