Vaccination Argumentatory Essay

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Measles, polio, yellow fever, varicella (chickenpox) and rabies. These are only exemplifications of diseases prevented by invented vaccinations (“Centers For Disease Control and Prevention”). Vaccinations have ceased the spread of multiple diseases and have saved countless lives over the course of history. Every person should be governmentally required to receive vaccinations in childhood and, in adulthood, give them to their children because of the potential that an unvaccinated child could spread diseases to a healthy one. Firstly, vaccinations work to protect. The actual disease itself is put into a vaccine, though the disease is weakened to allow antibodies, a product of the immune system, to combat the “foreign invaders”. Once the vaccine …show more content…
It is evident where the parent is coming from, being able to choose the path of one’s own child, but a line is drawn and crossed. The decision of immunization not only affects the offspring, but every single person that comes into contact with the child that could possibly be predisposed to a life threatening illness. People need to be vaccinated as a child; their own life could be saved. There are other worries besides rights that sits inside of a concerned parent. One of the biggest myths about vaccines is that they could cause autism (“Mandatory Vaccination”). The reason this myth was even contemplated, was that both people getting vaccinations and being diagnosed with autism were on the rise. The downfall of the people in disagreement with getting vaccinated is that they don’t understand that correlation is not equivalent to causation. There is no scientific evidence that link the two. Scientists and researchers would not push individuals to get vaccines if it was of any potentially dangerous harm to themselves or anyone around them. This myth gets around like gossip, tainting the minds of parents and convincing them to fear vaccinations when they should be celebrating in the fact that such an invention was made to prevent possible

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