Congress Is A Large Complex System Within The United States Federal Government

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Congress is a large, complex system within the United States federal government. It consists of two chapters: Senate and the House of Representatives. Both chapters contain a number of seats available for elected members. Members are elected through direct election. There are a total of 535 seats, 435 seats for members of the House, and 100 seats for senators. Members in the House serve an unlimited amount of two year terms. Members can stay a lifetime in congress, as long as they are reelected. Congressional terms for members of the House should be limited to eight years, thus allowing the country of the United States to move forward with new ideas and new innovation from a younger generation. Also, term limits would provide a sense of urgency to a member’s term. This would push members to work efficiently, and would limit the levels of corruption. There are several members within the House of Representatives. Many of which have been members for several years. John Dingell, the longest known retired member of the U.S. Congress was “[r]eelected to the House 29 times, he became the longest serving member of
Congress in 2013 (with more than 57 years of service)… [H]e chose not to run in 2014.” (“John” 1). Mr. Dingell served the country for many years. However, allowing individuals to hold seats for 29 reelections is absurd. Allowing this process to continue is depriving worthy individuals of chairs within Congress. It is simply unfair. Term limits would restrict members from…

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