Conflicting Issues Over Gun Control

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On August 26, 2015 a reporter and her camera man murdered on live television by an ex-coworker who was coming back for revenge. The gunman professed the mistreatment he revived with constant racial comments, when he was working at the station, by the two people he shot. This frightening event, along with many like it, illustrates the concept that some people use the fulfillment of hurting innocent people to cope with anger, revenge, or their mental illness. Guns do not kill people it is the people that do the killing because. Gun control is not going to fix the amount of homicides, just decreases the right of protection , against people that may have mental issues or extreme anger and are planning on hurting or killing individuals.
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Now various laws alter the selling and using of firearms. The debate over gun control started with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy because it increased the citizen’s realization of the lack of consideration over the selling and possession of guns. Now the topic of gun control contains two conflicting issues that people take sides on. One of the sides claim that Americans should not be able to possess guns because of its ability to kill people, and the other side responds with, everyone should have the right to protect themselves. The conflict is most prominent when there is a mass shooting in vulnerable place, like a movie theatre or a school. The people scared of guns think that by making guns illegal it will decrease the amount of massacres that happen in family oriented places. The other people think that the person doing the shooting will try to harm innocent people no matter the restriction on guns because they have a mindset for violence, which is the cause of extreme anger or signs of a mental illness, and the access of guns is a reliable source of protection from these

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