Conflict Management Methods For Managing A Conflict Climate Essay

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In general, in most cases, some conflicts can be handled by using conflict management techniques to better control the situation. Therefore, as a supervisor, we must learn to have a better understanding of managing a conflict climate in which will create a mutually satisfying outcomes. In short, we leaders must recognized our superiority and influence we have over our employees and that we do not to turn that authority into power abuse. For the most part, supervisors and subordinates will not always agree in a specific task or the subordinates job performances, but t if we learned some ways in managing the conflict climate we should be able to reach a reasonable agreeable decision, in which both sides are satisfied with the outcome. Working in a harmful climate! In general, most overall goal is to make a profit or in the military is to complete your assign mission. Therefore, in the military there are people from variety of different backgrounds and were raise different. In short, some kids’ parents don’t believe in raising their voice or created a harmful climate as other kid were raise in these type of environments and when they joined the military and are now put in a position of authority they tend lead by yelling or creating tension in the air to get the sailors to complete the task he or she assigned. Therefore, this can cause a harmful conflict climate in the work placed and a harmful conflict climate is defined as “consisting of threats of power abuse,…

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