Conflict Between The Workforce And Organization Essay

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The focus areas of my topic of conflict in the workforce, and organization are:
1. Generational cohorts, and how it causes conflict amongst the workforce (Notter, J., 2013).
2. Conflict of interest in the workforce when the workforce is being cohearsed by outside vendors to purchase their product or service with certain rewards tied into the purchase (Kreimer, S., MS, 2010).
3. Conflict that occurs within management to work for profit or work for charity (Kreimer, S., MS, 2010).
4. Conflict of workforce when asked to give preferential treatment to a patient just because of their VIP status over other patients. (Kreimer, S., MS, 2010).
The importance to address the above conflicts in the workplace is to avoid the conflict from causing disruption of the organization meeting its planned mission, the unethical handling of the organizations purchases by accepting rewards or bribes the conflict that present itself to a healthcare organization for the desire of high profits versus the moralistic ethical duty to provide healthcare to all, and the conflict that present itself when the workforce is forced to provide preferential care and attention to a patient with VIP status over one that does not.
If these conflicts are not addressed on their onset, it could lead to much disruption of patient care, legal ramifications, unrest amongst the workforce and create dysfunction, unethical organization standards being performed that are against company policy, purchases being made not for…

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