Conflict Between Conflict And Conflict Essay

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Conflict is hostility or disagreement resulting from actual or perceived differences. It occurs and is inevitable at times. Conflict starts when you have people with different expectations. Conflict is a normal, and can be a healthy, part of relationships. In fact, a relationship with no conflict could be unhealthier then one with the occasional conflict. In relationships you can’t always expect to agree on everything all of the time. However, learning how to deal with and solve conflict in a healthy manner is crucial and very important. Conflicts are crucial and significant events that can either strengthen or weaken the relationship.
Conflicts that are handled correctly can be proven to be productive, create deeper understanding and closeness between the two people. It can also help a person to gain respect. When conflict is mismanaged it becomes harmful and toxic to a relationship. They can also be destructive. When a relationship has a lot of conflict it can cause resentment and hostility. But when it is handled respectfully and positively, it gives an opportunity for growth in the relationship. It also strengthens the bond between the people in the relationship.
Conflicts arise from differences between the two people in a relationship. Sometimes the differences can look trivial but can trigger strong emotions and feelings. The reason conflicts can sometimes start is because one person needs to feel safe, secure, respected and/or valued. They can also start from a…

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