Essay about Conflict Between Conflict And Conflict

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Conflicts are something we run into every day, and some are more troubling than others. I feel that your parents and family members play a huge role in how you deal with conflict. Your parents are the ones who teach you to walk, talk, and everything else we must learn to do in life. I feel that all of my habitual ways of dealing with conflict come from my family members. I learned that both my mother and father handle conflicts in different ways. They both try to avoid conflicts, and I do the same. I feel that my parents raised me in a way that fighting is never the answer to a conflict. When a conflict does arise, I search for opportunities to work through them and end them. My family played a major role in shaping how I deal with conflicts. I respect the role models my parents have been to me. They always had my best interest when correcting me and teaching me ways to resolve problems. They have tried their best to teach me calm ways of working down my frustrations. My dad analyzes everything before thinking, but thinks quickly. He is reserved and not overbearing, but has a way of making his point clear without ever really raising his voice. My mom has always been the more vocal of my parents. She will let you know what she is thinking and just lays it out for you. She corrects in a loving matter, and tries to make you think about the consequences. She cries when she is really angry. Both my parents have taught me to own up to my wrongs, and to ask for forgiveness.…

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