Confederate Reckoning By Stephanie Mccurry Essay

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Confederate Reckoning Throughout time, historians have debated the reasoning behind the onset of the Civil War and who was really involved in the conflict. In her novel, Confederate Reckoning: Power and
Politics in the Civil War South, author Stephanie McCurry presents her audience with a unique group to factor in to the events that helped lead to the outcome in the war. Many historians focus on the technological advancements and political elections involving white men in the war, but
McCurry takes a different stand point. Instead of focusing on those factors, McCurry explains how women and slaves had a large impact in the fate of the war. The Confederacy claimed to have made its secession decision in the name of the people, but McCurry causes her audience to question, “Who were the people?” (34). Politicians considered “the people” as white men, leaving out the majority: women and slaves. By ignoring this majority, the South slowly led themselves to their own demise. McCurry elaborates on stories of traitorous women and the wives of soldiers, showing the power of women in the war. McCurry lastly explains how calling upon slaves to do work for the army finally led to slave violations that could not be handled. By focusing on the political power of slaves and women, McCurry shows her audience how the
Confederate States of America destroyed itself by leaving out the majority of their population.
McCurry starts off her novel by giving her audience details of how the leaders of…

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