Computer Science And Engineering By Gilbert Strang Essay example

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This small essay is being written on a page about three quarters of the way through my notebook. In none of my other classes have I even made it barely over halfway. That speaks to the level of thinking and connections we are expected to develop in the class, but also to the plethora of resources made available to us. I have spent many an early weekend morning this semester taking notes on the Afternotes, textbook, Olver 's, worked homework examples, or MIT open courseware videos. extcolor{red}{Please continue using Olver 's website even after MATH 5390. For a modern researcher, computational techniques should be part of your tools of trade. Nothing to do with whether you 're in pure or applied math. Please consult the book Computational Science and Engineering by Gilbert Strang for proper perspective. A video series by him on the subject is on Youtube.} This work has reminded me of the joys of being a student, struggling over some topics that are far bigger often than a single example. I have never had a professor make more resources available, and that is both appreciated and inspiring, particularly the Afternotes. It is also fortunate considering how often class time gets a bit distracted or off topic. That the lectures are sometimes difficult to follow is really my only frustration with the class. Occasionally, topics are introduced, but I also think spending the last few minutes of class summarizing would be helpful, if I were to make an unsolicited…

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