Computer Science : A Matter Of Fact Essays

1236 Words Oct 18th, 2015 null Page
Pradeep Kumar Chagantipati
CUW id: F00437246
Computer Science is a discipline that has been misnamed, as a matter of fact, science relates to the study of nature where computer science make things for the people to use as devices. In simple words, Computer researchers use technology to take care of issues. They write programs to make computers do new things or perform operations efficiently. For instance, they make applications for cell phones, create websites and programs to create new softwares. Now the main concern is not about proposing a new name, but raising insightful views against naming ourselves as scientists. The most essential of these barriers is a consistent spotlight on our clients and a ceaseless assessment of our advancement by their triumphs. For example, a software was created and widely used by different people around the world and the credit goes to the creators (computer programmers) based upon the software features which made people to perform tasks successfully. Making things has its own glories and they are not the same as the mathematicians and scientists. We need to consider together this way of fundamental approach.
Science is mainly concerned about the discovery of facts. The most correlation between science and engineering lies in the exercises of the professionals as in their purposes. For instance, a physicist may effortlessly invest a large portion of his energy in building apparatus, a shuttle architect might effectively spend a…

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