Components Of The Epcor Integrated Management Essay

1932 Words May 12th, 2016 8 Pages
The Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle is the bedrock of the EPCOR HMS. I set out a plan to spend 30 minutes each day to study the EPCOR OHSMS and to see how this system applied to the integrated management sytem. By studying the various components of the EPCOR integrated management sytem, I was able to understand hoiw the HSE corporate services provides structure to operational groups including the HSE management system. I was also able to understand how the check part of the OHSMS was necessary to serve as a performance measurement and monitoring tool, evaluation of compliance, and for conformance audit and assessment.
This goal was achieved by the set deadline because as I carried out my project I had to make reference to the Hazardous product management standard and the management of change stanadard which are sections of the EPCOR management system.
By May 28, 2016, I will improve my proficiency in Microsoft excel by creating an inventory spreadsheet to be used to facilitate the WHMIS 2015 transition for EPCOR.
By May 28, I was able to improve my proficiency in Microsoft excel as I had utilized the software in creating the chemical inventory and also set up the formulaes to ensure that the tracking of chemicals during the transition process was not stress free but could be done efficiently and effectively. I will improve my communication skill, be assertive and work more effectively with a diverse group by the end of my co-op term.
Communication in my opinion is a key part of…

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