Reflection On The Meyers Briggs Type Indicator

Completing the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator was like winning the lottery! The wealth of information and knowledge gained from learning about the theories of personality type was quite rewarding. Not only does the information give me a clear understanding as to why I make certain decisions, but it also explains why I live my life the way that I do. As a school leader, knowing and understanding my own personality type will assist me in becoming a well-rounded and effective leader. In addition, knowing the traits and characteristics of the various personality types can provide guidance when working with teachers of different personality types who need to be treated in diverse ways.
According to the Meyers Briggs Indicator Type assessment,
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To summarize the acronym, extraversion means that I primarily receive stimulation or energy from the outside world or external sources. When absorbing information to make decisions, I prefer to follow my instincts to create new options, which is the intuitive type. After gathering the information, my decisions are made using good judgment and reason; this personality preference type is thinking. The last preference type is judging which describes how we tend to live our daily lives. Being efficient and organized, I value a structured environment. Each of these personality type preferences affects me and describes me in various ways, and this knowledge will be used to lay the foundation of my …show more content…
A definite strength is the confident, outgoing, enthusiastic, and extroverted personality, which will be used to motivate and inspire team members and promote the school vision. Using the positive components of my personality type will give me some advantages as a school principal. On the other hand, I will need to make sure that I take time to slow down and not act too quickly when making decisions. By creating a shared decision making team, together we can take time and make decisions collectively. To keep teachers from feeling devalued or worked too hard, I will strive to express and show more feeling and emotion. In addition, I will need to pay more attention to the feelings of those with whom I work. Developing my strengths and working on the areas of concern are going to provide big pay-offs when I become a school

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