Complete The Requirements For Degree Of Master Of Art Essay example

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This final chapter of the capstone paper to complete the requirements for the degree of Master of Art in Organizational Leadership. I shall talk about the cornerstones of what made me the leader and the person I am. Today almost of who I am laid in the foundation of family values, upbringing, and the church. Parents and others in authority position taught me how to respect others and to treat individuals, as I want to be treated.
The evolution on my thinking process as it pertains to the role of leadership and leaders mentioned in the first chapters of this paper. Leadership is to guide others into the direction where leaders see their vision and goals for the organization to become successful. Helping other to obtain the goals and visions of the organization both on a personal and professional level is my commitment as a leader. Essence or Major Cornerstones
The essence of my cornerstone is to make sure that each person working with me has the tools needed to do the job and to become successful at it. I believe when individuals are given the proper tools and trained in the right way beforehand. Each shall see a leader, who has taken the time to assure everyone is on the same playing field, in addition to letting the employees know he or she may approach the leader with any question of uncertainty about the task or job that needs performing. Additionally, a leader is not afraid to “get dirty” to make sure that the task is done when needed.
By staying true to who I am and…

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