Business Analysis: Nike's Athletic Footwear Industry

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Nike is a very popular sports company and it known as industry of apparel and accessories of sports which is a brand of products for the athletic footwear, apparels, sport equipment and other athletic and recreational products, and it is the world's leading supplier of sports related products in specific. Nike was established in 1964 founded by Phil Knight and Bowerman. Nike has gone through many changes which is started with a small business and now has covered international market which also included Malaysia.
The main goal of Nike in marketing strategy of the company spins is to lead the world’s sports industry and to become pilot producer of fitness product around the global. Nike have the wide range of products design
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Thought selling quality footwear for athletes is a highly competitive field, there is a huge potential for new entrants. In additional, there are able to control their costs and hence maintain a competitive advantage over new and emerging competitors which due to the enormous scale of operations of Nike, Adidas and Puma. In generally, Nike brand images have a distinct competitive advantages. Nike industry is a competitively easy one for new manufacturers to enter. In the same way, there is a threat of other manufacturers to expand their portfolio. These, with already strong regional brand names, might emerge strong competitors. Nike is also result in a huge loss of revenue because of the loss from copies of their premium footwear. Meanwhile, Adidas and Puma who although behind in market share, they are currently implementing strategies that are helping them close the gap on Nike. Adidas planning on moving into the more fashion-aligned market of teenagers which could see it improve global market share. While, Puma also states their vision that, ‘we are committed to working in ways that contribute to the world by supporting creativity, safe sustainability and peace, and by staying true to the values of being fair, honest, positive and creative in decisions made and action taken’ when they face with the highly intense

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