Essay on Competencies and Competitive Advantage of Old Chang Kee

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Competencies and competitive advantage of Old Chang Kee

Considering to what the competitive advantage Old Chang Kee possesses, it is obviously the food product, especially Curry Puff. As there are a lot of homemade food products like this from the competitors, but the factor that leads Old Chang Kee shares customers that competitors cannot match is the taste come with the price. The affordable price range makes a wide range of customers. All products of Old Chang Kee were priced between $1 to $2. This means that Old Chang Kee can serve its food to the young children even down age into the kids. The customers would be the seven-year-old children. Notably, the wide range of customers that are able to afford to purchase food
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The local small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector is an important vehicle for increasing the economy's competitiveness in the global market system(Thomas,2010). From the encouraging of Singapore, then it is not surprising that Old Chang Kee makes decision to step itself into the transformational leadership style, this is to achieve the strategies and goals. Old Chang Kee is based in Singapore related in the manufacturing and distribution of food products. Old Chang Kee expanded in Singapore, Malaysia and Republic of China. The most famous of Old Chang Kee Curry Puff, but the business did not stop producing new products, later the company created as many as 30 products which could be found in its network of outlets distributed around Singapore, Malaysia and Republic of China (,2003-2013). After collaborated with Spring Singapore and the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) to develop a strategy to create, own, protect and exploit its signature curry puff-related intellectual property rights, Old Chang Kee continues into a value-added franchise programme (Thomas,2010). Obviously, the company started being one of the Halal food in 2004 led Old Chang Kee to be fulfill its brand values as because the food could step worldwide to the multi-cultural and multi-religious segment of

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