Comparing Lacan, From The Mirror Stage As Formative Of The Function Of An Individual Form A Sense Of

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Lacan, From The Mirror Stage as Formative of the Function of the I as Revealed in Psychoanalytic Experience 1.The mirror stage helps an individual form a sense of self. a. This concept originated from looking at human behavior within the comparative psychology field. b. When looking in the mirror, the child notices that image that mimics his or her image in the mirror. c. He or she then must determine the relationship between himself or herself and the image reflected back toward him or her. 2. As a child experiences the mirror stage, he or she goes through an identification process that relate to the term imago, meaning a specific mental image of oneself. a. This mental image is formed while still in the nursling stage and before a child can walk. b. This images is also related to the ego. c. The imago of oneself is only true in dreams, as it is a projection of what that individual thinks of himself or herself. 3. Social dialects or shared meanings contain human knowledge that lies just beneath the conscious mind. a.. Humans, whether they realize it or not, hold certain knowledge to be true, despite their ability to think autonomously. b. These pieces of knowledge can be applied to the mirror-stage in which individuals see themselves as others see them, even before social dialectic is known or the individual is able to speak it. c. A person must then cope with the discord that is conveyed when considering…

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