Comparing Homer 's Odyssey And Director Essay

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Compare how Homer and Zemeckis highlight the ways in which key characters survive through the challenges of their life.

Entertaining survival genre texts like playwright Homer’s Greek mock-epic mythological poem, the Odyssey and director Robert Zemeckis’s American epic film, Cast Away portray the support mechanisms that even Herculean individuals rely on in every society. Noting that Homer starts the Odyssey in media res after his previous poem, the Iliad while Zemeckis starts from the beginning. Homer skilfully uses dactylic hexameter, epithets and repetition with ‘earth-shaking Poseidon’, and epic similes such as ‘Odysseys melted… as a women weeps, lying over the body of her husband, who fell fighting for her city… while men hit her… Such were the tears Odysseus shed’. Homer also has allusions to the Iliad with the minor character, Menelaus reciting the famous anecdote of Odysseus’ Trojan Horse and how Helen of Trey is ironically fought over. Whereas the backstory of Cast Away is centred around the Collapse of Communism in the 1990s with capitalism and Fed Ex subsequently entering Russia. Homer has additionally titled the text after the protagonist Odysseus and tells the story through a third person omniscient view. Homer also uses a frame story, and flashbacks as characters like Odysseus recount their experience in first-person. Whereas Zemeckis’ film is shot from a third-person perspective. Homer through an Oracle also foreshadows that Odysseus will ‘be away for twenty…

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