Compare How the Relationship Between Man and Nature Is Shown in Below the Green Corrie and One Other Poem

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It is clear to see in both below the green corrie and in the prelude that Norman MacCaig and William Wordsworth both show a strong relationship between man and nature. In below the green corrie we see the narrator describe his experience of coming down a Scottish mountain range; he describes the mountains as highwaymen, pirates and bandits which makes nature more animated and entertains the reader, he also appears to take riches from the mountain.
In the prelude we see a more traditional view on nature as being more controlling over man unlike in below the green corrie where it appears that the narrator takes away from the mountain, the language used by the narrator is more formal which proves to the reader that the narrator realises
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In the second stanza however, there is a change in dynamic as whereas in the first stanza nature was described as the taker, it is the narrator who takes from the mountain, “But it was they who stood and delivered” MacCaig uses clichés from the language typically used to describe bandits to mock the traditions of writing poetry about

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